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Join us for Therapeutic Wisdom Professional Yoga Therapy Training Module 2 , with Doug Keller

October 23 - 26, 2019

in the new IIYS studio located at

215 W. 18th Street, Downtown KC

adjacent to Maya Yoga

Functional Movement and the Upper Body

In this segment of the training we will look first to the ‘functional’ myofascial lines described by Tom Myers which coordinate the actions of the arms and legs through the core musculature, and how these lines can illuminate asana practice in meaningful ways, as well as providing tools for assessment and for work with movement limitation and pain problems.

This will add new dimensions to the work we covered in the first segment of my contribution to the training, with important consequences for low back and spinal health in general. 

From there the focus will expand to the upper body, starting with the hands and wrists, and working through elbow problems to the most fundamental pain problems and limitations in the shoulders — and from there to the well-being of the neck and impact of the jaw.

Whole-body assessment principles will be applied for understanding the postural roots of shoulder and neck problems, as well as functional movement principles and myofascial lines specific to the shoulders. This will refine our approach to asana for addressing pain and limitation in the neck and shoulders, as well as introducing remedial work and exercises for addressing these problems.

In connection with the myofascial understanding of the body and asana practice introduced by the work of Tom Myers and others, we will also explore its intersection with the ‘Marma’ system of Ayurveda, and its relevance to yoga as a system of self-care.

Marma is defined as vital points of energy in the body, where prana or flows and is distributed through the body. And sometimes the energy gets ‘stuck’ in these areas, from tightness, distortion or constriction in fascial tissues, or blocks in awareness, including emotional blocks, or a number of other causes. This can be the cause of pain, or a lack of energy, or even numbness, which can be a sign of these blocks.

The blocks can be released through massage of these points, and can also be opened up by the dynamics of yoga asanas joined with the breath. The fascial lines of Tom Myers provide a basis for a firmer understanding of marma as well as an approach to practical application of marma through asana, as well as for identifying ‘hot spots’ in the body that signal causes of pain from fascial distortion. 

Thus, awareness of the marma points can be helpful for understanding pain that arises in the body, as well as a lack of vitality, irritation, or a whole number of disturbances. 

Moreover, marma has also — at least since the 10th or 12th century — provided points of focus for deep relaxation or Yoga Nidra, the ‘sleep of the yogi’ which is regarded as a deep state of samadhi.

On the philosophical level, we will explore the historical roots and intersections between tantric philosophy from schools such as Kashmir Shaivism and the emerging system of practice in the 11th century onward known as hatha yoga. The practical system of hatha yoga was inspired by central ideas from tantric philosophy, but was different — especially in being more accessible and practical — than pure tantric philosophy, and sought to avoid its pitfalls. The main focus will be on the balance that hatha yoga strikes between the spiritual and the practical, and how this represents an evolution in thinking about yoga.

Connected with this, we will touch upon the development of ‘Brahmanism’ and its role in codifying Vedic philosophy, especially as expressed in the Bhagavad Gita — and how tantric philosophy represented a response to this way of thinking, especially in the realm of moral thinking and ethics, and the role of emotion in cultivating what the tantrics called the “hero’s heart.’

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Upcoming Events

Therapeutic Wisdom Yoga Therapist Training #2 with Doug Keller, C-IAYT,and J. Renee DeTar, C-IAYT

October 23-26, 2019

Venue: IIYS Studio @ 215 W. 18th Street, KCMO

Downtown Kansas City adjacent to Maya Yoga

Module 2 intensive for our Therapeutics Wisdom Series.

Himalayan Institute Empowerment Retreat

November 14 - 16, 2019

Venue: Himalayan Institute in the Poconos

This professional retreat if for those who have their own yoga therapy business who need to reconnect with their own meditation practice, discuss business ethics, learn how to build their business and to restore and renew.

Therapeutic Wisdom with Doug Keller

Therapeutic Wisdom with Doug Keller

Module 3 intensive of our Therapeutic Wisdom Series with Doug Keller.

March 18-21, 2020

Venue: IIYS - 215 W. 18th Street, KCMO

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Yoga Teacher & Yoga Therapist Training & Empowerment Retreat

The Himalayan Institute

Arrive anytime on Wednesday, November 13 and depart on Sunday, November 17. 2019.

November 14 - 16, 2019

Treat yourself to a yoga immersion in the heart of the Poconos. This retreat is designed for yoga teachers and is a requirement for those who are in the IIYS / KC Yoga Therapy Professional Training Program. All graduates of any IIYS program are welcome to join us and reconnect. Try to book your massages and other alternative treatments on Wednesday, at PureRejuv, the wellness center at the Himalayan Institute. They provide a rich menu of different therapies, traditional and Ayurvedic, that can be found here. We will enjoy incredible food, practice, connection and surrounded by nature creating the perfect environment for you to rejuvenate your system, refine your teaching skills and prepare for the holiday season.


Achieve greater self-compassion, joy, and loving-kindness through meditation, yoga and a deep look into yourself using work from Sacred Contracts by Caroline Myss.

The program will include asana (postures), pranayama (breath practices), Yoga Nidra, and guided meditations:

* Practice targeted asanas that help manage mood and emotional triggers
* Explore how anger, fear, grief, sadness, and shame manifest in the body, mind, and emotions and identify archetypes at work so you do not project on your clients
* Learn a variety of skills, including Pratipraksha Bhavana, (YS 2) to cultivate loving-kindness and counteract negative states of mind
* Experience mantra initiation and learn the practice of japa.

* Advanced Pranayama used in yoga therapeutics

You will return home with practices to address specific challenges in your life and in your yoga therapy business.

The leadership & business portion of the program will include:

* Business Ethics and techniques for developing a strong studio schedule, yoga therapy clinic schedule, etc.
* Adding revenue streams and existing hidden potentials
* Identifying problems before they manifest and identifying strategies of what is working and what is not.
* Identify your personal strengths and weakness as an owner, leader, therapist, and manager

Visit the Himalayan Institute website here. 

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Accommodation & Rates

For Accommodations, please call The Himalayan Institute at 800.822.4547 X 1 and use booking code IIYS1119. 

Visit the site and and look at the available accommodation before you call by clicking here. 

Travel & Prepare for your workshop

Make your flight arrangements to arrive Wednesday, November 13 by 4:00pm and depart on Sunday, November 17, 2019.

Getting there! 

Reading recommendations

  • Sacred Contracts by Caroline Myss

  • Advanced Energy Anatomy by Caroline Myss

  • The Power of Mantra and Mystery of Initiation by Pandit Rajmani Tigunait


WHAT'S the schedule?

Wednesday, arrive and enjoy activities at the Himalayan Institute and pick up information packet.

Thursday - Saturday program

Sunday - check out and departure.



Refunds are available 30 days prior to event for any reason. 


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