Registration and Accreditation 

Dr. Raymond Long, BandhaYoga Anatomy Module, August 2017

Dr. Raymond Long, BandhaYoga Anatomy Module, August 2017


Yoga Alliance standards review project

Yoga Alliance is considering revising its standards at this time. It is our stance that yoga cannot be standardized, as there are so many variations of practice passed down through authentic teachers, which we honor by being a liberal arts school. We do not encourage registration with Yoga Alliance, but we are aware that many teachers feel that registration with Yoga Alliance is necessary for a variety of reasons. Our focus embodies that the practice of yoga and it's sister science Ayurveda, is the journey into what is really going on right now; that the body is a reflection of our past biography and thought patterns. The access to your personal journey can be provided by a skilled and knowledgeable yoga teacher. Our programs are steeped in the traditional teachings from the Himalayan Institute, the Iyengar tradition and the work of Mukunda Stiles. Our Ashtanga programs are authentic, based on traditional Ashtanga methodology. So our concerns are real, and we are watching, because we do not want our certificates, that represent our education and training, devalued in any way.  For more information, please visit Yoga Alliance here.

The International Association of Yoga Therapists

 The IAYT has again, updated their standards in 2017. The net effect is a set of consensus, competency-based educational standards that focus on entry-level requirements for the training of yoga therapists and include a definition of yoga therapy, and training requirements. The goal was to define the foundational knowledge and skills required for the safe and effective practice of yoga therapy. We are currently in the accreditation process and are watching what is happening here. For more information, please visit the IAYT here. 

National Ayurvedic Medicine Association

Our Ayurveda offerings are registered with and through the Himalayan Institute. For more information, please visit the NAMA website here.