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Online classes, Coursework, self exploration and continuing Education

We support the Himalayan Institute and Yoga International through our contributions, buying power on Amazon (you can donate to a non-profit with every purchase) and the excellent online courses they have developed with our guest faculty members and honored teachers (Doug Keller, Kathryn Templeton, Rod Stryker, Gary Kraftsow, Aadil Palkhivala and Dr. Sovik). We also recommend to all of our students, teachers and private yoga therapy clients to learn more about yoga through self-study and exploration with Yoga International. 

So, if you have never tried online classes before, here is a chance to experience a variety of yoga styles whenever you want in the convenience of your home for 30 days free.  Just click here to start your adventure now! 

But, if you know you want to join Yoga International online today, you can get 30 days free plus the Ayurveda & Women's Health Conference ($69 value) for free. Just click here to begin! 

For those of you that interested in continuing education and want to check out what Yoga International has to offer, click here. 

For those of you that are in the Ayurveda Yoga Specialist Certification Program, click here to access AYS Unit 2 with your personal code