Anatomy Trains - Anatomy in Motion

Anatomy Trains - Anatomy in Motion

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  • Illustrated lecture and demonstration

  • Open inquiry atmosphere; questions encouraged; vitality and humor welcome

  • During the practical portion of the workshop, participants will exchange and practice in small groups an on one another under supervised analysis of instructor and assistants


  • During the bodyreading portion of this workshop, there is some degree of disrobing to view the upper or lower body.* We ask that you wear form-fitting clothing such as tank tops, yoga shorts, etc for you and your fellow students to feel comfortable in the classroom. This is optional and no one is forced to disrobe beyond their comfort level.

  • Anatomy Trains CE workshops are geared towards two types of audiences. This workshop is intended for movement modalities and the material will emphasize the movement implications of the Anatomy Trains map. Other courses are formatted for hands-on manual practitioners such as massage therapists, physical therapists and chiropractors. Please be certain that you are enrolled in the proper format of Anatomy Trains to fit your background and experience. 

Please have the following available at time of workshop:

                          Anatomy Trains Myofascial Meridians Textbook (if you own a copy)

                          Notebook and pen (we will supply you with a pdf file of the presentation handout)

                    Please wear comfy clothing for movement* as above

                          Pilates or yoga mat

                          Two 10cm ‘Sensy Balls’ (purchase in advance on the Anatomy Trains website at  

RECOMMENDED READING      (available online

  • Familiarity with Thomas Myers’ book, Anatomy Trains®, will aid in comprehending the course lecture, demos, and visual aids

  • Body3, by Thomas Myers, will aid in comprehending the anatomical references

  • BodyReading Book and BodyReading 101 self-study DVD course by Thomas Myers

  • Anatomy Trains products are typically available for purchase during the workshop