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last update July 2019


Trainee/Student: Individual formally enrolled with the Institute of Interdisciplinary Yoga Studies (IIYS) and KC Yoga Therapy (KCYT) curriculum.  

Participant: Any individual participating with IIYS and/or KCYT educational programs that are not formally enrolled in curriculum (i.e. private clients, session volunteers, etc).

Registration, Enrollment & Admission

There is a non-refundable admission fee into any program due with the application. The Institute of Interdisciplinary Yoga Studies (IIYS) and KC Yoga Therapy (KCYT) reserves the right to refuse admission to the IIYS Advanced Yoga Teacher Program and the Professional KC Yoga Therapist program, including any and all educational or class settings, including but not limited to workshops, classes, and retreats.  In the event that IIYS/KCYT refuses admission to a payer (applicant/participant, etc), KCYT will only refund up to $250 to the payer.  

Registration must be approved and paid by the start of the stated training session.  “Latecomers” (those who apply or enroll after stated deadlines) may only be admitted based on IIYS/KCYT staff judgement and availability of space.

It is to the discretion of IIYS/KCYT Admissions staff to grant applicants admission into the program.  IIYS/KCYT reserves the right to deny applicants on the staff’s own accord, judgement, and merit.  Those accepted into the program may be excused from further participation based on level of participation and behavior deemed inappropriate by appropriate IIYS/KCYT staff.  

We accept applications anytime but we do not have a rolling enrollment period. Once an application is approved, tuition for the Bridge Program in due within 30 days. Trainee/student must complete Sacred Contracts and all four Advanced Modules in the bridge program to take any course in the KC Yoga Therapy Program. 

Program Information

200 Hour programs:

Our structural 200 hour training is based in Classical Yoga is offered through the Dharma House School of Yoga in Atchison, Kansas. The Ashtanga Program is in the process of being discontinued.

KC yoga Therapy (KCYT) Program - Part 1:

Students admitted to the KCYT Part 1 must have a 200 Hour certificate or equivalent, and not necessarily registered with Yoga Alliance. Part 1 students may already have a 500 hour certificate, though one not obtained through the IIYS/KCYT curriculum.  

Payment for Yoga Therapy - Part 1 is paid in full prior to beginning the program, or the student has agreed to a payment plan included in the enrollment documentation.

Based on the application criteria for the KC Yoga Therapy - Part 1, students who complete this program are eligible for a 500 hour certificate which can be used to register with Yoga Alliance at the 500 level. Students may voluntarily continue their Yoga Therapy curriculum with IIYS/KCYT, or may cease their studies with the program at that time.  Please note that all students who receive their 500 level through this program will remain subject to the Completion Rate and to continue, must be in good standing.

KC Yoga Therapy Program - Part 2

Students who complete Part 1 and are in good standing, are eligible to enroll in the Yoga Therapy - Part 2 that is paid in full or arranged for payments when enrollment agreement is signed.

Trainee and Participant Liability

Any individual who attends or participates in any IIYS/KCYT sanctioned activities does so at their own risk.  

Trainees/Participants retain control and direction over all their physical activities and voluntarily assume full liability and accept the risk of harm, including physical/emotional injury and discomfort as a result of their participation in any activities during the program.  IIYS/KCYT accepts no liability for any injury or illnesses that occur to trainees during the training, workshops, retreats, or classes.

Completion Rate

Once student is admitted into any program, enrollment and tuition is due within 5 days. All modules in the IIYS/KC Yoga Therapy Program must be completed within five (5) years to earn the KC Yoga Therapy Professional Yoga Therapist certificate. Contact appropriate IIYS/KCYT staff with any questions about your formal start date. Non-enrollment of coursework by a trainee/participant after successful admission is interpreted as withdrawal from the program unless prior arrangements and an alternative plan of study has been confirmed and agreed upon by the IIYS/KCYT staff and the prospective trainee. 

Sanctuary of Trainee Information

IIYS/KCYT will collect trainee information strictly to provide our services to trainees and is required for the provision of our services.  Information submitted to KCYT may be shared with administrative staff and teachers solely for the purpose of administration and teaching. Trainees may have access to personal information of other trainees for training purposes only.

IIYS/KCYT will collect contact information of students and graduates for the purposes of current or alumni activities.  If a participant or graduate is uncomfortable with KCYT maintain their contact information, please make this request clearly known to appropriate KCYT staff.

Sanctuary of Participant Information

Participants who volunteer to collaborate with IIYS/KCYT curriculum for training purposes may need to share health information with trainees and/or other participants.  This information is used strictly for training purposes.  Using this information with third parties or for financial gain without full permission of IIYS/KCYT is strictly prohibited.  

IIYS/KCYT retains no liability for use of participant information shared by participants with anyone outside of a formal training/educational setting.  

Usage of Photos & Videos

Pictures and/or Videos taken during training, workshops, retreats or classes are the ownership of the IIYS and/or KC Yoga Therapy and may be used in a promotional capacity such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, Flicker, YouTube, the organization website,. and other social media or publicity platforms. By agreeing to these terms and conditions, trainees give full permission for this information to be released. Please share any concerns about the aforementioned usage with appropriate IIYS/KCYT faculty or staff.

  • IIYS/KCYT retains no liability for use of pictures or videos taken by trainees of the training, the teachers or other participants.

  • Photos and videos taken by trainees during training are to be for learning and personal use only. Sharing this information with third parties or for financial gain without full permission of IIYS/KCYT is strictly prohibited.

Use of Materials

Materials that are part of any training, workshop or retreat including but not limited to the training manual, the general layout of the IIYS/KCYT Website, Logos, Trademarks and web page contents are the property of IIYS/KCYT. Using this information with third parties or for financial gain without full permission of IIYS/KCYT is strictly prohibited.  

Individuals may volunteer to participate with the Professional Yoga Therapist trainings. Any individual who does so may disclose private personal or health information with trainees.  Any and all information shared by any participant within the program is to remain private. Trainees are not to discuss any information shared within a training or the yoga therapy clinic with those unaffiliated with the IIYS or KCYT. Trainees that violate this confidentiality clause will be dismissed from the school as not in good standing.


IIYS/KCYT cannot guarantee your admission in the 800-Hour Professional Yoga Therapist Program until you have provided the admission registration fee, completed an enrollment form and any payment agreement. The registration fee for the KC Yoga Therapy program is available to an applicant after they submit their registration form. Payment details will be provided after discussion with the School Director and provided with the enrollment form for the program.  


IIYS/KCYT accepts no responsibility for cancellation, delays, changes or losses caused by acts of God, war, and a threat of war, closure of airports, civil strife, natural disasters, accidents or any other events beyond our control. This includes injuries, illnesses, medical or psychiatric conditions of trainees developed during or subsequent to the course as well as loss of, or damage to, personal property during the training.

  • In the unlikely event that an IIYS or KCYT training, workshop or retreat is canceled 100% of the payment will be refunded, or an alternative retreat or training placement will be offered according to the circumstances. Incoming teachers reserve the right to cancel a training due to low enrollment 30 days prior to the training. 

  • When a trainee cancels enrollment for any reason, neither cost of registration and/or course fees are refundable. Transfer of the payment to another training, for exceptional reasons, will be possible and is at the discretion of appropriate IIYS/KCYT staff.

  • If a training, workshop or retreat must be abandoned or interrupted due to exceptional circumstances there will not be a refund if more than half of the training has been completed (from training start date).

  • The IIYS reserves the right to terminate and replace any faculty member.

IIYS/KCYT accepts no responsibility for flight costs in the event of cancellation of training, workshops or retreats. The organization is not liable for any flight cancellation, rescheduling or delays.  

Policy Modifications

It may be necessary for us to review and revise these Terms and Conditions. IIYS/KCYT reserves the right to review and change these terms and conditions at any time. If revised, changes will be posted on the website.

Program Modifications

IIYS/KCYT reserves the right to alter the program or curriculum and to select staff from a pool of qualified teachers depending upon availability per training.

Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

Upon submitting the application for either any IIYS or KC Yoga Therapy Professional program, you fully and voluntarily agree to said Terms and Conditions and acknowledge that you have both read and fully comprehend the nature and consequences of the agreement to these Terms and Conditions. If you have not read, understood or do not agree to these terms and conditions do not proceed with your application by clicking on the agreement button within the application.