Yoga Therapy Classes

Freedom in Alignment Series with Renée DeTar

90 minutes - varies per session or $20 drop-in

Achieve greater self-compassion, joy, and lovingkindness through meditation, ayurveda, and asana practice while looking into yourself. This session will help you develop a compassionate relationship to your body and mind that enhances sustainability, resiliency and well-being. Influenced by by B.K.S. Iyengar, Mukunda Stiles and the teachings of Swami Rama, Renée DeTar shares yoga therapy tools to treat yourself in a kind, compassionate way.

Through a combination of asana (postures), pranayama (breath practices), guided meditations, all participants will:

* Practice targeted asanas
* Discover how yoga therapy and pranayama work together as “meditation in action” to promote healing and well being. 
* Explore how emotions and habitual patterns of thought manifest in the body, mind, and emotions and identify archetypes at work.
* Learn a variety of skills to cultivate lovingkindness, decrease stress, and counteract negative states of mind.

Asana Focus of each week and all classes include different meditations and pranayamas that enhance the focus of the class. No prior yoga experience is necessary and teachers are welcome. 

Session Dates: 


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Private Yoga Therapy & Ayurveda Consultations

90 MINUTES $150 - assessment

With J. Renee DeTar and other yoga therapists in training

Assessment Clinic is open to to the public and attended by students in the yoga therapy program. After you book an appointment and pay, you will have access to our intake form and our Ayurvedic Dosha Assessment. To book an Assessment, Click here. 

For follow up 60 minute appointment after initial assessment, for $75 click here. 

Email Renee here to request an appointment. 

Thai Yoga Therapy

60 MINUTES $90 • 90 MINUTES $125 •                 

120 minutes $165

With Julianne Hutchcraft

Services provided at Maya Yoga.

Therapeutic Massage

60 MINUTES $95 • 90 MINUTES $130

120 minutes $160

with Kelly Crowe

All sessions are provided at Home Family Holistic Center

Doula Services

$1000, includes prenatal & Postnatal

with Ashley Walburn

at Home Family Holistic Center

This package includes 24 hour access, one month unlimited prenatal yoga classes, 1 childbirth preparation workshop, and $50 off of placenta remedies. 

Mindfulness Counseling

120 MINUTES $180 • 60 MINUTES $90

with Colleen Nilson

Initial visit, two hours. Location varies. 

Sacred Contracts Mentoring

120 MINUTES $150 • 60 MINUTES $80

with Christy Harris


For more information:

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