my X-Rays stunned my Doctor 8 weeks after i broke my arm

After our Therapeutic Wisdom Training intensive with Doug Keller this past weekend, I was reminded of the work that saved me a year ago, during the recovery process of breaking my upper right arm.

I fell and I am right handed..go figure. Think about all the things you do with your dominant arm, let alone having a regular yoga and intermediate Pilates reformer practice. Brushing hair, teeth, dishes, sweeping, toilet duties, showering, opening doors, sleeping on your right side, picking up your puppy…..I am sure there are more moments I took for granted not listed. Transverse fracture of the upper humerus and vertical lateral fracture that left my rotator cuff insertions hanging in space on the x-ray. Pain, pain and more pain.

What did I learn? I learned how to maneuver through the medical community because I am self-insured. Instead of the ER, a trauma care visit was $80. My friend, Dr. Ray Long (guru of the famous BandhaYoga anatomy books for yoga practitioners)after looking at the x-ray shot with my iphone from the trauma center, referred me to an osteopathic surgeon that was near. That visit was $180. What did I need to let go of? Do I need to slow down? Yes, yes and more reflection coming. I discovered not much can be done with this kind of upper arm fracture. So with pain on the scale of being off the charts, my options were steroids and NSAIDs and I took a pass. So the plan when I walked out of the osteopath’s office was to wait for two weeks. If the humerus would heal (because of my age it was not expected), and rebuild then maybe the rotator insertions would find their place again, and we could skip surgery. I cried all through that office visit. My poor husband.

So it was all about the pain. I cannot take NSAIDs because they elevate my blood pressure, so I opted for sun, the beach and super-relax time. I ran to my friend Cookie Dunn in Grand Cayman, knowing she could help me manage the unbearable pain. Cookie is one of the most talented body-worker-massage-therapist gals educated in multiple modalities I have ever known and an expert in various Yamuna Body Methodologies. Plus she has the energy of an angel and intuits while she is working. What more could one ask for? She created space for me to cry whenever I wanted, which I never allowed myself to do before. Never.

Cookie assisted my journey emotionally and physically with all of her speciality resources and amazing food on my most favorite island on the planet. I never understood the power of fascia with all of it’s emotional connections until this happened, even though I sense and have been a witness to how the body can heal itself given the appropriate nutrition, spiritual food and conscious movement. Using Yamuna Body Rolling (with the black ball on the wall) Cookie helped me roll the rotator cuff muscles out to their primary destination as my humerus healed. The wall was easier for me than trying anything on the floor. She did multiple Yamuna Body Logic sessions with me; and I was able to surrender and let go. I was amazed how she bravely moved my arm around.

Then back to Florida and to the osteopath I go. Another set of x-rays, office visit and $180 cash. My humerus grew back together. Imagine that. Sixty-three year olds can heal their bones. My arm was no longer the size of my right thigh and the pain was subdued greatly by my new discovery of CBD oil taken at night so I could sleep. Doc decided he would not have do surgery to pin my bones and rotator cuff back into place and referred me to physical therapy. I just looked at him and said my famous line, “I’ll take a pass,” and agreed to return in 4 weeks after doing my own thing. Next week I’ll describe my interdiscipilnary healing routines. You will be surprised.

Peace, Love and Happiness to you all!

J. Renée DeTar, Certified Yoga Therapist, founder of the Institute of Interdisciplinary Yoga Studies