Participant Rights

As a participant at any level, in any class or training conducted by the IIYS, you have the right to state your preference of the level of participation for any reason. It is the highest priority to the Institute of Interdisciplinary Yoga Studies, that all participants feel safe and that their voice is heard. Participants have the right to receive or not receive hands on adjustments. Please make your preference known to the teacher.  

Teacher Rights

Teachers admitted into any program offered by The Institute of Interdisciplinary Yoga Studies are taught hands on adjustments passed down through the Iyengar tradition by faculty. The hands on adjustments taught in our Ashtanga programs are at the discretion of the studio owner. Both systems use clear communication and cueing over hands on adjustments to assist the student into alignment. Teachers have the right not to participate in hands on adjustments in any class or training conducted by the IIYS.