Transfer Applicants

The IIYS KC Yoga Therapy Program welcomes transfer applications from students with strong intellectual and yoga therapeutics promise who’ll serve as leaders in the field of yoga therapy and beyond, who’ll bring as much to the community of yoga therapists as they’ll gain from it. You must have 500 hours of residential hours to complete our program requirements. Transfer students may apply anytime throughout the year.

Transfer Policy:

  • Students with one year or more of yoga therapy coursework completed at an IAYT or similar accredited school are eligible to apply for transfer into the IIYS KC Yoga Therapy program.

  • Students with less than one year of yoga therapy coursework from an accredited school are encouraged to apply as first-year students in Yoga Therapy Part 1 in the IIYS Program.

  • While our standard transfer policy is stated above, each case is considered on its own merit and credits from previous accredited programs are considered for course placement. 

Transfer Credit Guidelines:

  • Credit is awarded only for courses taught in a yoga therapy program in an accredited yoga therapy program.

  • Specific information about coursework, such as a course syllabus, practicum, homework and completed assignments, can enhance your placement.

  • The amount of credit to be granted shall not exceed the credit awarded for the equivalent or similar coursework offered by the IIYS.

Transfer Application Timeline:

  • Application Deadline: Any date

  • Admission Decision by: 4 weeks later

  • Student Reply Date: 4 weeks later and completes payment

Application Requirements for Transfer Applicants:

  • Complete IIYS application

  • Submit Application fee of $250

  • Transcript from the accredited program student is leaving

  • Copy of Yoga Certification from a 200-hour program

Optional Application Material

Scientific Research Abstracts
If you have pursued significant scientific or research and are considering a research in the field of yoga therapy, we welcome brief descriptions of your work. Materials can be submitted via your application or by email. 

Supplemental Recommendations

Did you spend a year or more away from a yoga therapy academic setting? We encourage you to include additional letters of recommendation from military leadership, work supervisors, or others who wish to add information to your application.

Please note that the IIYS does NOT use interviews in our admission process.

Review Process

Once all material is submitted by the applicant, IIYS will begin the review process. Concurrently, the applicant will complete the IIYS Transfer Entrance Exam. The results of all materials and the exam will determine final placement level in the IIYS KC Yoga Therapy Professional Training Program.

Transfer Credit Policies

The IIYS KC Yoga Therapy Program accepts transfer credit under the following guidelines:

  • Institutions must be accredited by a higher education regional accrediting association and/or under the IAYT or like body. A maximum of 500 hours can be transferred.

  • Coursework must have a minimum grade of “A” achieved in order to be accepted. Coursework accepted with a minimum grade of “C” may not be used to satisfy Yoga Therapy Part 2 requirements.

  • Coursework with a grade of Pass, Credit, or Satisfactory will be accepted only with documented evidence that such grades are at least equivalent to a minimum “A” grade.

  • Credit hours, not grade points, are counted toward the IIYS KC Yoga Therapy program.

  • Practicum, cooperative education, field experience, internship, etc. will be considered as long as documented hours are provided and signed by a mentor/supervisor.

  • Correspondence work is accepted only under special circumstances, and with prior approval of the Director of Curriculum & Instruction.

  • Transfer coursework attempted after enrolling at IIYS must be pre-approved in order to count toward the student’s program. Pre-Approval of Transfer Credit forms are available from the Director of Curriculum & Instructions.

  • The IIYS reserves the right to reject course work from institutions not accredited through The International Association of Yoga Therapists or other accrediting associations as determined by the Director of Curriculum & Instruction. Such course work is not accepted for transfer or satisfaction of degree requirements at the IIYS.

    We want you to be a fully informed student before you decide to apply to transfer into the IIYS KC Yoga Therapy Professional Training Program. The IIYS as been a registered Yoga Alliance school since 2000 and we have graduated over 1000 teachers. Please read the Terms & Conditions below before you start the transfer application. If you have any questions, please email J. Renée DeTar, School Director here.

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